A new generation of high-tech simulation technology to help you create unique hair wig makeup


Fashion, with functional popular choice for in-one!

Korean stars have recently put on a wig, show a different star power, like Sung Yuri, Lee Da Hae, Park Shin Hye, Yinsheng Ya and other actress would look like wearing a wig resigned to become a hot topic, some due to their role in the drama, and some wear to photo wig, and usually show a completely different image of the striking. In South Korea has been put on a wig popular movement, because in addition to a new generation of simulation technology outside wig more popular, many people have been brought to take shape with the necessary products.

You do not have the slightest hair covered by a hair

According to Sen bird top wig hair makeup consultation center division Rita pointed out, consumers will now be the center of the wig consultation, 70% of people are coming to cover gray hair, because modern pressure, many people already at a young age Some white hair extensions uk generation, although you can use hair dye to solve, but long-term use is the scalp and body damage, so local wigs provide the best solution, so you do not damage the health of another head of hair.


Japan and South Korea are now popular “play” Wig

A new generation of high-tech simulation wig, you have to escape the stereotype of the wig, and now look at Japan and South Korea star and street young people are already used a wig to beautify themselves, so their hair can omit the shape of time, but also using different wigs to show different style, cheap hair extensions and beauty forest bird top wig Center Advisory teacher Rita tells us that many customers come this is the first purchase several wig on, every time you want to come here to attend important occasions wear and styling, equal Usually the hair extensions uk salon to do the same, but generally do not like the salon early going to report, eliminating the need for complex modeling program, saving valuable time.


Sen bird hair and beauty center top wig wigs actually Rita finally stressed on various occasions has a different meaning, it can provide in the medical another level of protection for patients or for patients with chemotherapy baldness, in the shape it is actually a shape accessories, users can make based on different occasions gatherings decent shape, which is now stressed “hair extensions and beauty,” the real meaning of it, so that today want to take a pretty short hair, long hair flowing tomorrow want to change the shape of temperament, may be considered to do a different mix wig Oh!